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Your Guide to the First Season of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Let’s face it: Love it or hate it (and we definitely love it), TNG had a really rough first season. Whether you’re thinking about rewatching it or you’re picking it up for the first time, or you just want to relive some of the bizarre adventures of child-hating Picard, beardless Riker, and the late, great Tasha Yar, this is the guide for you!

Because there were so many episodes (25!) in the first season, this guide is split into two parts. The first part covers the first 12 episodes of the season, while the second part takes you through the rest.

Direct YouTube link to part 1 and to part 2.


What is Star Trek’s Federation?

Time and again, we’ve made a big deal of the Federation on the podcast. We’ve called it, over and over again, the primary novum (or, what we call the central new idea of a piece of science fiction) of the Star Trek universe. But what is the Federation, and why does it deserve to be called that? Take a look at our first Imaginary Guide and find out!

Direct YouTube link.