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REVIEW: The Tearling Trilogy by Erika Johansen


Erika Johansen is the genre deviant we've been waiting for.

I've already spoiled too much just with the blurb, and if you don't yet know anything about this wonderful trilogy--as I didn't when I spotted the first in a San Francisco bookstore--pick them up. Do it. Especially if you're interested (or obsessed, as we usually are) with poking away at the rules that say science fiction can't be too fantastical, or that high fantasy can be too scientific, or that political science fiction ala Margaret Atwood and Ursula K. Le Guin doesn't mix well with swords and sorcery.

Because that? Is exactly what Johansen does. Yet the Tearling trilogy is not something new, exactly, but brings you the pleasure of the cake: the eggs suit just fine, as do the milk and the sugar, but the combination presents something again, different and marvelous. Johansen takes the tropes and traditions of several SFF subgenres, reminds you that you know them well, and gives you something you've known all along and have never seen before.

This is one of those debuts (in three-book form) that immediately makes me want more. Erika Johansen, please!